The Dilemma Of 75% Attendance

Compulsory attendance in schools and colleges has been one of the highly debatable subjects with both positive and negative sides to it. There is a standardized system for all colleges and universities to make 75% attendance for student’s compulsory by the guidelines issued by UGC and the guidelines have to be followed by all the universities and colleges in India. UGC is the governing body appointed over universities which deal with the standard rules and regulations made for universities, but universities can also have their own rules which don’t have any conflict with the guidelines of UGC.

Most colleges and students face this same dilemma of 75% rule which is effective and non-effective is its own ways. A student is not allowed to write exams for their present semester if they don’t have the required attendance and they are detained no matter what the reason is, even the medical reason is not considered and the concerned administration staff rejects the medical certificate and brand it as fake. The students who are constantly failing can be allowed to write exams but the students who can perform well are not really even considered to write the exams and they have to come back next year and repeat the entire year all over again.

Universities like Lovely Professional University are very strict with their attendance at these Universities care about attendance more than the individual students and their lies a notion that the more the attendance the better the result. Again, a debatable notion. This can be concluded to individuals’ capabilities. Other big universities who take the 75% attendance seriously are Manipal University Jaipur ,Jain University and the relaxation for attendance is a non-existence phenomenon which haunts the students.

The attendance system is not all bad, it also has some effective place in the system has it will make sure the students don’t get irresponsible and attend classes regularly. Students who come from different places and stay away from their parents, in those cases, the students are likely to have a non-serious attitude towards attending school. In such cases, attendance system helps.

There is also an argument over reducing the percentage of attendance compulsion from 75% to a gradual lower number which is effective as well as not burdening enough for students to cope with. There has to be some better system in place where the students don’t get detained and disrupts their normal cycle of academics making it hard for them to deal with the stress it puts on them and their parents.

The abuse of the system is also a very visible flaw in the attendance system where the lecturers/ teachers use it to scare the students with no corporal punishment in place. This becomes a tool for scaring the students. This problem can be solved by improving the desk which deals with problems students face. Also, the digitization has also improved the way the attendance is taken as the system works well. When a student is absent. The message immediately goes to the parents or guardians that their wards didn’t attend the college and calculates the attendance perfectly making it easy to handle records.

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