Postal / Sorting Assistant Gujrat Questions and Answers 2014

IPO Postal Assistant Gujrat 1st June exam answer keys are available on this page. The Indian Post Office conducted an exam in April, May and June month of 2014 is almost every state of India. This exam will fulfill about eleven thousands PA/SA vacancies.

Postal Assistant and Sorting Assistant jobs vacancies will be filled by this test paper. We are feeling proud to provide Gujrat circle answer paper with solutions.

IPO PA/SA exam result will become available on official website once all state exam will be finished. It will take 2-3 months to release official answer keys and final result. After clearing this test, candidates looking job in post office will have to face second round. IPO PA SA 2nd round will have typing test.

IPO Postal Assistant Answer Keys:

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  1.  The first Indian to share the Oscar award was:
    1. Hargobind khurana
    2. Rabindranath Tagore
    3. Bhanu Athaiya
    4. Nose of there
  2. When is the ‘National Science Day’ celebrated in India?
    1. April 5
    2. September 5
    3. February 28
    4. None of The above
  3. ‘Alice in Wonderland’ the famous TV serial is based on book written by
    1. Charles Dickens
    2. Thomas Hardy
    3. Lewis Carroll
    4. Victor Hugo
  4. What is function of the Microsoft office Word?
    1. An operating system
    2. Downloading application software
    3. A word processing software
    4. An input device
  5. Where was the 1st ODI match played in India?
    1. New Delhi
    2. Ahmadabad
    3. Kolkata
    4. Mumbei
  6. Kabir was the disciple of
    1. Nanak
    2. Ramanuj
    3. Shankaracharya
    4. Ramanand
  7. Which of the following statement is/ are true?

1. Meghalaya is famous for pineapples.

2. Mizoram is famous for bananas.

a. Only 1

b. Only2

c. Bosh 1 and 2

d. None of there

8. X-rays use streams of

a. Electrons

b. Photons

c. Protons

d. None of there

9. Which one of the following states of India surrounded by Bangladesh on three sides?

a. Mizoram

b. Meghalaya

c. Tripura

d. Paschim Bangal

10. The Kalidas samman is a prestigious arts award presented annually by the government of

a. Maharashtra

b. Uttar Pradesh

c. Madhya Pradesh

d. Gujarat

11. ‘World Cancer Day” is observed every year on?

a. February 19th

b. February 4th

c. February 12th

d. January 17th

12. The ‘shade of swords’ is a book written by-

a. M.J. Akbar

b. Manil Suri

c. Urmila Lanba

d. Vasant Potdar

13. Once information is Input into a computer it becomes –

a. Objects

b. Data

c. Ideas

d. Facts

14. How many players are there on each side in a baseball match?

a. 5

b. 7

c. 9

d. 11

15. “Indian war of Independence 1857” is written by

a. SN Sen

b. RC Majundar

c. VD Sawarkar

d. SB Chaudhary

16. Which of the following is biodegradable?

a. Paper

b. DDT

c. Aluminium

d. Plastic

17. Which of the following foods requires the LEAST energy to procedure?

a. Fruit

b. Vegetables

c. Grains

d. Meat

18. Which is not an official language of U.N.O.?

a. English

b. Chinese

c. French

d. Hindi

19. Logo of WWF is

a. Red Panda

b. Giant Panda

c. Polar Bear

d. Tiger

20. The atmospheric layer of ozone adsorbs what proportion of UV radiation from sun?

a. More than 99%

b. Around a quarter

c. Less than 10%

d. About half

21. The First Non –stop air –conditioned ‘DURANTO’ train was flagged off between

a. Sealdah- New Delhi

b. Mumbai –Howrah

c. Banglore- Howrah

d. Chennai –New Delhi

22. Which of the following sectors is biggest tax paying sector in India?

a. Agriculture sector

b. Industrial sector

c. Transport sector

d. Banking sector

23. Which one among the following is responsible for the expansion of water in the ocean?

a. Carbon dioxide

b. Nitrogen dioxide

c. Oxygen

d. Sulphur dioxide

24. Which allotropy of carbon is in rigid three-dimensional structures?

a. Graphite

b. Fullerene

c. Diamond

d. Carbon black

25. Which one among the following is cold ocean current?

a. Canary current

b. Brazil current

c. Gulf Stream

d. Kuroshio current

26. The pro duct of two Consecutive odd numbers is 6723, What is the greater number?

a. 89

b. 85

c. 91

d. 83

27. 6 men or 10 women can do a piece of work in 24 days , How long will 12 men and 10 women take finish the work ?

a. 8 days

b. 7 days

c. 17 days

d. 5 days

28. A car reached Raipur form Sonagarh in 35 min with an average speed of 69 km/h. If the average speed of 69 km/h. If the average speed is incense by 35 km/h , how long will is take in the same

a. 25 min

b. 27 min

c. 23 min

d. 29 min

29. Same of three number is 1020 and their ratio is 2 : 5 : 10 Find the greatest number.

a. 700

b. 600

c. 900

d. 550

30. Find the value of 3(2744) ÷7.

a. 14

b. 2

c. 15

d. 8

31. Find the value of:

x/2y = 3/2, then (2x+y)/(x- 2y)=?

a. 2/7

b. 2

c. 7.1

d. None of there

32. How many pieces of 13.2 cm can be cut from a 330 cm long rod?

a. 25

b. 28

c. 21

d. 35

33. For what sum, the simple interest at n% for n% for ‘n’ years will be ‘n’?

a. 100/2n

b. 50/n

c. 100/n

d. 200/n

34. If the difference between the compound interest and simple interest on a sum of money at 5% per annum for 2 year is Rs.16, find the sample interest.

a. Rs.840

b. Rs.932

c. Rs.520

d. Rs.640

35. A’s income is 20% more then that of B, By how much per cent is B’s income is less them that of A’?

a. 16

b. Jkk

36. If 48m+ 48n =2880, what is average of m and n?

a. 90

b. 45

c. 35

d. 30

37. If a watch is sold for Rs. 120, there is a loss of 15% for a profit of 2% the watch is to be sold for

a. Rs.144

b. Rs.175

c. Rs.185

d. Rs.165

38. In the given figure, it is given that O is the centre of Circle and ÐAOC= 140º, find ÐABC

a. 110º

b. 120º

c. 115º

d. 130º

39. Find the value of:

9355421 x 625=?

a. 575648125

b. 584638125

c. 584649125

d. 585628125

40. A can do a piece of work in 10 days and B can do it in 20 days, They start the work together , But after 5 days, A leaves off B will do the remaining work in

a. 5 days

b. 6 days

c. 8 days

d. 10 days

41. Two trains approach each other at 30 km/hr and 27 km/hr from two places 342 km apart, After how many hours will they meet?

a. 5hours

b. 6 hours

c. 7 hours

d. 12 hours

42. If A:B= 5: 7 and B: C= 6: 11, then A: B: C=?

a. 55 : 77 : 66

b. 30 : 42 : 77

c. 35 :42 : 77

d. None of there

43. Find the value of :

√ (248+ √(5+ √144)= ?

a. 14

b. 16

c. 16.6

d. 18.8

44. Solve(m – n)3 +(n – r)3 +(r – m)3 / 6(m – n)(n – r)(r –m)=?

a. 1/2

b. 1/3

c. 1/5

d. 1/6

45. Which of the following sets of numbers is in ascending order?

a. 9/11,7/11,5/7

b. 7/11,5/7,9/11

c. 5/7,9/11,7/8

d. 5/7,9/5,911

46. What


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