SBI PO June 2014 Exam Question Answer

State Bank of India (SBI) conducted the SBI PO 2014 Exam time to time. We are providing you SBI PO Online Exam 2014 Questions. These questions were asked in the June month Exam. is now going to sharing the SBI P.O. Online Exam 2014 marketing and general awareness questions with our visitors.

SBI conducted regularly their recruitment Online Exam for probationary officers post. We are given a best source for our visitors to check and preparation for future SBI / IBPS  Online Exam Question. Candidates are requested to read question carefully, these questions were asked in SBI PO June Month Online Exam 2014. SBI PO June Month 2014 Exam was comparatively tough & shared below are the descriptive & objective questions which were asked in online exam.

Applied candidates should need to solve many sample question papers to perform well in the SBI PO Online Exam 2014. There are following sample questions have been provided by SBI for the PO Posts On-line Exam 2014. This is a test to see how perform you in online exam and also to judge your aptitude/ knowledge for working with computer.

SBI PO Post 14 June Exam: Afternoon Session

1. Who is newly appointed deputy governor ?

2. Open market Operations ?

3. Money market instrument ?

4. Who won the Dato Alex Lee Award 2013 ?

5. When is World Heath Day Celebrated ?
Ans- 07th April

6. How long it takes a bank account to become a NPA account ?

7. What is the use of KYC ?

8. Questions were asked from clearing of Cheque ?

9. Which among these is a Input device?
Ans- Keyboad

10. Questions from Market – Mix , Blue Ocean Strategy ?

11. How does RBI control liquidity ?

12. Who won the Most Popular All time International star in India’s IIFA award ?

13. What do you mean by CRM ?

14. What is the definition of Total Quality Management ?

15. What are the input devices in a computer ?

16. Who was heading the IPL spot fixing committee ?

17. What is the full form of CBS ?

18. What is the full form of EULA ?

19. In which state is Kaiga Nuclear power plant ?

20. Who wrote “2 states” ?

21. What is Digitalization ?

21. What is pen input device ?

22. What do you mean by Financial Inclusion ?

23. Which among these is an Output device ?

24. How to create a folder on desktop ?

25. Which among the options is not a type of computer ?

SBI PO 15 June Exam Questions

1. What is the full form of CTS ?

2. In CPU, what is the mean of “C” ?

3. Which game is FIBA related ?

4. Banking Ombudsman comes under the purview of ?

5. When was RBI created ?

6. By what amount was the Pension scheme raised ?

7. Who is the Olympic Chief from India ?

SBI PO 21 June Morning Shift

1. On 08th March (Women’s Day), which award was given by the President of India ?

2. Which movie won the 2014 Oscar award for the best film ?

3. Which was the last book of Kushwant Singh ?

4. What is the other name of unsolicited email ?

5. What is the full form of MICR ?

6. Recently which country joined Ukraine ?

7. What is the full form of GUI ?

8. Which is not peripheral device ?

9. Who is the Chairman of Financial Planning and Standard Board ?

10. Which is the fastest printer ?

11. What do you call it when a group of computer is connected ?

12. What is the Input and output of main frame computer called ?

13. In which state is “Rani ki vav” situated ?

SBI PO 27 June Exam Questions

1. Who wrote the Book “The Himalayan face off” ?

2. Which are the cities where plastic Rs. 10/- note is going to be introduced ?

3. Name the new Indian Army Chief ?

4.  What is the foreign currency exchange rate called in India ?

5. Name the HAL developed flying bed test aircraft that was handed over  to DRDO ?

6. What do you mean by Bancassurance ?

7. What is the percentage which is directed for maintain to all PSBs by Finance Ministry ?

8. What is term used for which the RBI give loan to commercial banks ?

9. What do you mean by Stale Cheque ?

10. Which is the 2nd Indian firm to be featured on Forbes Global 2000 list ?

11. Which city won the National Women Football Championship recently ?

12. Recently A.P.J Abdul Kalam was given the Knighthood award. Tell us the field for which the award was given to him ?

SBI PO 28 June Online Exam Questions

1. Who is the youngest female to climb Mount Everest ?

2. Which company was the first to unveil the “Indicash”, the First White Label ATM ?

3. What is term used for measuring “Inflation” in India ?

4. Who is the author of the book “Playing to Win” ?

5. When is Anti-terrorism Day Celebrated ?

6. Commercial Paper can be issued in what denomination ?

7. Who won the Dadasaheb Phalke Award 2013 ?

8. Which is the satellite that was launched recently by India ?

9. Who developed Rupay” ?

10. Who won the Pulitzer Prize recently in 2014 ?

11. What is the maximum allowable limit for one single transaction through NEFT ?

12. Which country among the given options is not a member of Saarc ?

13. What is the name of person heading the Financial Inclusion committee ?

14. What is the full form of SCB ?

15. Which is the recently ISRO de-commissioned a communication Satellite ?

16. Who has been selected as the brand ambassador of the National games recently ?

17.  Which country has recently won Thomas Cup ?

18. Who is the first Women Judge of Pakistan ?

19. What do you mean by Kepler-8 b ?

20. Where was latest Nuclear Summit held ?

SBI PO 29 June Exam Question

1. Who is the author of the Book “God of small Things” ?

2. What is the relation between 1 MB and Byte ?

3. Which among the given companies does not have any right to white label ATM ?

4. What is Promissory note ?

5. Narendra Modi is the __ Prime minister of India ?
Ans- 16th Prime Minister

6. Which is the most important storage unit inside PCs ?

7. What is the full form “PIN” that is used in Debit and credit cards ?

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