11 tips to crack CBSE UGC NET Exam

University Grants Commission commonly known as UGC is one of the most popular exams that are organized each year by CBSE following are some tips that all students need to follow in order to crack the UGC NET Exam.

Tips to crack CBSE UGC NET Exam:

  1. Details of Syllabus – all the candidates who are appearing in the exam must be well versed with the syllabus of the exam. The NET paper will comprise of 3 levels divided between different subjects. Candidates must be aware about the syllabus for this candidate must visit the official website of UGC NET and can download the entire syllabus.
  2. Refer Good Study Material– there are large numbers of study material available in the market regarding preparation for UGC NET. Therefore students must first research and then go for books that are specified by UGC containing details regarding each section of the paper. Only good books must be preferred by the candidates as it will help them clear their basic concepts and enhance their knowledge. 
  3. Prepare and Summarize Notes– all the candidates must prepare notes as per their capabilities. These notes must be prepared much before the exam is held as it will help you revise at the time of exam. These note prepared earlier saves a lot of time and efforts of a candidate as the exam approaches. Students must note important points which they consider necessary while preparing for the exam, they must not down various important headings, highlight topics that need to be looked upon. These notes must be in a summarized form as during exam one need to be more focused without creating any kind of confusion in mind at the same point a summarized note will large amount of student time. 
  4. Learn to manage time– all the candidates who wish to clear UGC NET must have the capability to manage their time effectively. Students must start by preparing a well sorted time schedule for their preparation this schedule should be designed in such a way which gives equal importance to different sections that will be asked in the exam. Students should keep in mind that noting should be ignored as it might give certain drawbacks in the exam.
  5. Systematic approach– all the candidates must follow a systematic approach. This will give them confidence as well as enhance their chances to clear the UGC NET exam. Students should mark that subject which requires more attention and study accordingly. They must focus on subjects they are weak at and allot more time for such sections.
  6. Stay updated– candidates appearing in the exam must be aware about recent changes in outer world related to current affairs and global news as it might be asked in the UGC NET paper. Students should keep visiting the official website of UGC NET regarding various notifications, news stories etc.
  7. Ask for guidance– if during any point of time while preparation there occurs any kind of problem then the students must take help of an experienced teacher or fellow mates. 
  8. Proper and timely Revision– once the student has covered all the subjects then they should start revising as it will have them establish a self analysis approach through this approach students will be benefited to great extent as they will now come to know where they stand and how much is prepared till now.
  9. Start solving practice papers– another important tips for all the candidates is to solve large number of practice and mock test papers. As this will boosts your confidence level to appear in exam as well as it will give a mirror image to your preparation and self assessment for the exam.
  10. Don’t be a book worm– students should keep in mind that being a book worm will not help them crack UGC NET. Thus while preparing candidate must take proper breaks and do some activities that gives them a decent change of mind and peace. Students must be stress free only then they can perform well in exam.
  11. Sleeps well eat healthily– at last students should take proper sleep and eat well to maintain their health leading to healthy mind and body for the exam.

Follow above tips and tricks to get maximum marks in CBSE UGC NET exam.

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