How to prepare “Banking Awareness” for bank exams

Nowadays, banking firm is one of the best choices for career platform. Because banking sector provides well define salary package and exact career development for their employees. Most of the graduates have the desire to get the job in bank and for that they have prepared for banking competitive exams. Because of more candidates’ participation, bank exams always hold tough competition among the aspirants. So here we have given the ideas to how to prepare banking awareness for bank exams.

Usually banking awareness plays crucial role in all bank exams. Because banking awareness is one which is mandatory for the aspirants those who want to get the job in banking sector. Because the recruitment board widely want to examine the banking awareness of the candidates, so that they frame more questions in banking awareness section in all bank exams. Banking awareness consists of two distinct branches in it, one is current affairs banking awareness and other one is static banking awareness.

Current Affairs Banking Awareness:

Current Affairs banking awareness is nothing but recent scenario and trends of banking sector. This is called as banking current affairs. Commonly current affairs banking awareness have the recent activities of Reserve bank of India (RBI), World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other nationalized banks. The banking activities means agreement signed with other government ministries for implementation various projects, repo rate, new appointment of banking sector like RBI governor, CEO of the bank, and so on. We have to observe the banking schemes, campaign keenly and get updated on all those things. To get update on current affairs banking awareness aspirants can read the newspaper in daily manner otherwise they can collect banking current affairs pdf in monthly wise and get prepare in that.

Important Topics of Current Affairs Banking Awareness:

  1. Recently Introduced Schemes in banking sector
  2. New appointments
  3. Agreement signed with Government ministries
  4. RBI Functionalities
  5. Recent Technologies in banking

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Static Banking Awareness:

Static Banking awareness is nothing but technical terminology in banking sector and their usage and relation with other concepts. These are all the aspects of static banking awareness. Here we have given some of the important static banking topics.

Static Banking Awareness Topics:

  1. Banking history,
  2. Structure of RBI and its functionalities,
  3. Nationalization of banks,
  4. Currency circulation,
  5. Monetary policies,
  6. Important terminologies of banking,
  7. Types of cards,
  8. Schemes of banking sector and so on.

Candidates have to prepare their selves based on the above mentioned aspects to get more marks in banking awareness section in your bank exams. Here we have provided some codes used in banking sector

  1. MICR – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
  2. IFSC – Indian Financial System Code
  3. SWIFT – Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications

Money Transfer System:

  1. NEFT – National Electronics Funds Transfer System
  2. RTGS – Real Time Gross Settlement

Like that many terms and schemes are used in banks, so candidates have to know all these topics of banking functionalities.

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We hope this article will give you the outline for banking awareness preparation. Candidates can collect the banking awareness pdf for their regular preparation and do periodic practice also. Then only you can score more marks in banking awareness section. For banking awareness practice session, you can use some mock test either through online or offline model question paper pdf.

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