Deciding what to take up as a Career? Here’s a guide to your Career Post 12th!

Just gave your 12th boards? Waiting for results? Well, now starts the tougher task. Choosing your career wisely! While we talk about choosing a stream of specialization, the wide variety of options available, do confuse us. This decision isn’t about a day or a month or year, it’s about your life. Hence it needs utmost care and sufficient information. This article puts together all the information about the clichéd as well as unique courses, basically the Science courses after 12th.

The courses can be classified based on whether you have Mathematics or Biology.  While the students with Mathematics, have a huge spectrum of career options to choose from, Biology also is no less.

For PCM, the following are Science courses after 12th to choose from:

  • If you’re someone who wants to excel in the technical side, engineering is the most common field. BTech or B.E are the degrees associated with this field. There are a variety of specializations you can opt for, based on your interest.
  • If computers and technology interest you, BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) is the right pick. Computer engineering or information technology engineering will fit your career choice best.
  • Designing, drawing and creating new structures are the forte of several students. For them, B.Arch or Bachelors of Interior designing or Structural designing are good career choices.
  • Do you think you’re fashion follower and have the dress designer in you? A bachelors in fashion technology or textile engineering, seems like a good choice, say from NID or NIFT.
  • Bachelor of Science is also a great 3-year course to opt for. This offers specializations in specific areas of interest. Various courses under this degree include Statistics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, etc.
  • Specialized course related to merchant navy or armed forces is also available currently. Fire safety and technology is also one such branch.

For PCB, the following are Science courses after 12th to choose from:

  • If becoming a doctor was your dream, then MBBS is the ultimate option to look out for. This can be followed by an MS/MD degree for surgery or specializations like gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, etc.
  • If you love making people smile broader, dentistry could be a stream to look out for. With the growing consumption of fast foods and chocolates, oral problems have seen a steep rise. Hence, more opportunities for BDS students.
  • While medical science has seen its share of innovations, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Physiotherapy are branches that have seen a rise in their acceptance.
  • Pharm is a study of chemical compounds of medicines and pharmaceutical products.
  • Sc courses like Botany, Zoology and Anatomy can be pursued as well.

Certain Science courses after 12th that students from either branch can pursue are:

  • Teaching and education courses
  • Air hostess training
  • Web Development and Graphic designing
  • Law
  • Event Management
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management courses

The spectrum of career options in Science courses after 12th is wide. Hence choose wisely, as per your interest. Passion in the end definitely drives a good pay home! 

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