Career Maker or Breaker ? – Internships


  • “What is an Internship?”
  • “Who is an Intern?”
  • “What is its importance?”

The internship provides an opportunity for students or trainees to work in an organization, it can either be paid or unpaid, in order for gain work experience or to fulfil the requisites for a qualification.

A student or trainee undergoing an Internship is known as an Intern.

Experience and skills are the keys to survive in the extremely competent job market across the globe. Employability is directly proportional to familiarity in your field of study. Internships play a major role in career building for entry-level candidates.

Let’s discuss it further

Students that have internships acquire more well-rounded experiences and also get to see first-hand how companies work. This provides a valuable understanding of the business and industry in which you want to work in. Not just a good ranking in high end examinations such as NEET 2018, etc will help the students gather the required experience. These internships also play a major role in it.

An Intern undergoes 3 stages of development with exposure to the industry

The Flowchart below shows the stages and its outcomes.

Percentage of Interns returning to their Internship Company:

The above graph shows the relation of interns with respect to MBA. Likewise, students who have been thoroughly working on exams such as JEE Main 2018, NEET 2018 for engineering and medical seats respectively also wind up in this vicious cycle.

    Students that have internships get to know how a company works and what are the challenges you will face. You will learn and grow with this process.
    Most companies expect college graduates to have a fair amount of experience their field of study. The more internship experiences you have, the more credible your resume looks.
    Internships can be taken up based on your interest, an Internship relevant to your major always provides you with the flair.
    Building a professional network doesn’t happen overnight. Internships allow you to build this network gradually, this can help you especially when you are looking for a job.
    Being an Intern and a good performer always helps you in getting some professional references which in turn benefits your career building.

From the below graph we can clearly observe, % of interns joining the same company is in high amount.

Internship in India:            

Indian students always look for career specific Internship opportunities. They select the internship program based on their field of study. Internships are supposed as a way to progress their proficiency by hands-on working in their respected Industry.

As an Observed majority of students apply for internships during their summer or winter breaks.

Most of the universities have made Summer or Winter Internships as a part of their curriculum, which made the students more familiar with internships and its benefits.

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