What are the Best Way to Prepare for CBSE Class 12 Physics

Physics is one of the most interesting subjects which requires conceptual understanding, knowledge of theories, logical solving abilities, and application of formulae to solve the questions. But if you do not have good mathematical skills, you might struggle with this subject. To help you in overcoming your weaknesses in Physics, we are offering some tried and tested strategies to help you in improving your score.

  1. NCERT books need to be given priority:
    The syllabus of Physics needs to be prepared from the NCERT books first. Only then you can take help from the other reference books. After reading the chapter to get an insight into the concepts, go through the solved examples. Then, complete all the unsolved questions from the NCERT books. If you face a problem while solving any question, you can refer to the Class 12 Physics NCERT solutions for understanding the methodology of solving the problem.
  2. Strengthen your command over numerical questions:
    A major portion of Physics deals with numerical problems and derivatives. So, you need to have a good hold over the numerical questions to secure a good score in Physics. Along with that, you also need to improve your mathematical skills to solve the questions in the least possible time.
  3. Understand the concept behind free-body diagrams:
    The module of Mechanics requires you to be thorough with free-body diagrams. After reading the question presented in verbal form, you need to interpret it and draw the corresponding free-body diagram. Once you draw the free-body diagram, you are halfway through the solution. Now, you will easily be able to derive the equations and then solve them to arrive at the answer.
  4. Learn to plot graphs accurately: The purpose of plotting graphs is to identify the trends in data and use the analysis to perform a calculation. You must have a clear idea about the variables and how the variables are assigned to the axes. Be careful while plotting the points on the graph. Mark the axes and label the graph properly by adding the required details.
  5. Derivations need to be mastered:
    If you are not comfortable with derivations, you might find the subject of Physics to be difficult as derivations cover a major portion of Physics. This is an important area of Physics which can be easily mastered by adopting a step-by-step approach. You need to have a basic idea of Calculus, mainly of differentiation and integration to be able to solve derivations with ease. While solving a derivation, try to apprehend the logic of every step. Understanding the logic will make it easier for you to solve the derivation.
  6. Pay attention to the SI units:
    While solving the questions of Physics, students tend to ignore the SI units of the quantities. Even if you have solved the question correctly, but if you have forgotten to use the SI unit or you have used the incorrect SI unit, marks will be deducted. Therefore, make sure that you have used the correct SI unit with the numerical value of the answer.
  7. Practise previous years’ papers:
    You must go through the questions of the previous years, as going through these papers will help you in knowing the trends followed by the exam conducting body while preparing the questions. Solving questions from the previous years’ papers will help you in getting an idea about the difficulty level of the exam.
  8. Attempt mock tests:
    To give a boost to your preparation and to improve your overall score, you must attempt as many mock tests as you can. You can avail the test series offered by Gradeup. By attempting these mock tests, you will be able to keep track of your performance. By analysing the mock tests, you can identify your weak areas. By putting in an effort to improve those areas, you will be successful in improving your overall score.
  9. Revise properly:
    After thorough preparation of the subject, you need to revise the subject rigorously. Revise from the study notes as these contain information which you have written in your own language. It will make it easy for you to recall the information better. Pay attention to the formulae and diagrams while revising.
  10. Be attentive when conducting the experiments:
    The examination of Physics is of 100 marks, where 70 marks are allotted to theory and 30 marks for practicals. Hence, along with theory, you need to obtain a good score in the practical examination as well, to boost your overall score. You are advised to be attentive during the lab sessions. Ask your teachers if you face any problem. Learn to conduct the experiment on your own so that you can comfortably perform it on the day of the examination.

Initially, students might face a problem in the subject of Physics, however, this subject can be mastered with hard work, patience, and dedication. You are advised to follow these strategies for improving your performance to get a good score in the class 12 examination of Physics.

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