Best Strategies to Cover SSC GD Constable Syllabus in One Month

Staff Selection commission has already released the notification for the posts of GD constable in paramilitary forces like BSF, ITBP, CRPF, SSB, CISF, AR, SSF and NIA. The exam of GD Constable will be held in 3 different phases, namely:

  1. Written exam
  2. Physical efficiency test
  3. Medical test.

The candidates are required to clear all phases to get the final selection in this exam. The exam of GD Constable will be conducted in upcoming months. Through this article we are sharing best strategy to prepare & crack SSC GD constable exam in one month.

The written exam will be of one hour and 100 questions will be asked. The exact pattern of exam is given below:-

Sr. No. Subjects No. of Questions Marks
1 General Intelligence and Reasoning 25 25
2 English or Hindi language 25 25
3 Numerical Ability 25 25
4 General Knowledge 25 25
Total 100 100

As one can see that there are four sections to be covered for this exam. The candidates are required to make their strategy as per the time available and syllabus to be covered. The preparation should be in two phases.

Phase 1:- Completion of syllabus. This phase is the initial one, and important as well. The candidates should focus on the quality of content they refer for this purpose. A good grip on concepts is a must for scoring well in competition exams.

Phase 2:- Taking mock tests and improving score. Once you are able to cover the syllabus, start taking mock tests. The mock tests give exact analysis of your preparations. Also the analysis of mocks suggests various ways of improving speed and score.

For your convenience we have prepared a study plan for covering SSC GD Constable Exams’ syllabus in one month. The study plan is given below:-

Day Quantitative Aptitude Reasoning Ability Hindi Language and Comprehension English Language and Comprehension General Knowledge
1 to 3 Simplification and Approximation, Solve questions asked in recently conducted exams. Inequality (Both Direct and Coded), Syllogism (Reverse also), अशुद्ध वाक्यों के शुद्ध रूप. Grammar – Basic rules
Reading Comprehension
Force pressure, Friction, gravitation, solar system, liquids (capillarity, surface tension, and viscosity), Sound, and Heat, light, mechanics (newton laws, centripetal, centrifugal forces, projectiles, angle of banking, potential & kinetic energy), modern physics (atomic energy, radio activity, cosmic, x rays, and visible spectrum.)
4 to 6 Number Series – Missing series, wrong number series , Ratio and Proportion  Input – Output Coding -Decoding, Analogy. विलोमार्थी शब्द, वर्तनी की सामान्य अशुद्धियाँ तथा शब्दों  के शब्द  रूप. Spotting Errors Reading Comprehension Acids, bases and salts, Atoms and molecules, Periodic table classification, Metals and non-metals, Nuclear reactions
7 to 9 Mixture and Allegations, Averages, The questions can be asked from basic concepts to complex one. Alphanumeric Series, Direction based problems अनेक शब्दों के लिए एक शब्द. Sentence Improvement – Including new pattern questions asked in recent exams carbon compounds(hydrocarbons, polymers), Metallurgy, Physical and chemical changes, Bio molecules(carbohydrates, proteins, fats)
10 to 12 Profit, Loss and Discount – Practice all questions asked in recently conducted exams. Blood Relations – Direct and Coded forms. शब्दों के स्त्रीलिंग, बहुवचन. Fill in the Blanks (Single, Double, Sentence Fillers) Cell structure, Living organisms classification, life processes of plants and animals (nutrition, digestion, respiration, circulatory system, blood, excretion), Control & coordination(nervous system, eyes, ears)
13 to 15 Time and Work, Time, Speed and Distance, Boats and Streams, Arithmetical reasoning based questions, problem based on similarities and differences किसी वाक्य को अन्य लिंग में परिवर्तन. Synonyms/Antonyms. Idioms and Phrases. Active/Passive Voice of Verbs. Endocrine system & reproduction, Digestive enzymes, Hormones, Vitamins, Infectious diseases, Natural resources management(air, water, soil pollution, wetlands, forestry, wildlife), Applications of biology (plant breeding, animal breeding, pesticides, bio fertilizers, biotechnology, stem cells)
16 to 18 Pipes and Cisterns, Problem on Ages, Probability spatial visualization, spatial orientation, visual memory based questions मुहावरा व उनका अर्थ. कहावतें व लोकोक्तियां के अर्थ. Para Jumbles One word substitution. Conversion into Direct/Indirect narration. Layers of Earth, Types of Mountains, Layers of Earth Atmosphere, Winds & Their Types, Ocean Currents, Major Sea Routes and Canals, Islands & Continents, Peninsula & Plateau, Types of Soils, Forests, Mineral Resources of India, National Highways and Waterways of India, Transportation
19 to 21 Algebra, equations in one and two variables, Practice questions based on calculating certain missing parameters. Dice based questions, questions based on clocks and calendar समानार्थी व पर्यायवाची शब्द. संधि विच्छेद. Spellings/Detecting Miss-spelt words. Mauryan Empire, Post Mauryan Kingdoms, Gupta Kingdom, Post Guptas or Contemporary Guptas
Delhi Sultanate, Mughals, First War of Indian Independence, Formation of Indian National Congress
Formation of Muslim League, Non Co-operation Movement, Civil Disobedience Movement
Quit India Movement, Partition of India, Constitutional Development of India (1946 – 1950)
Economic Development of India, Wars – India-Pak – Formation of Bangladesh; India- China
New Economic Policy of 1991, Nuclear, Space and Defense Development
22 to 24 Trigonometry, Geometry and Mensuration, Though the questions will be asked from basic concepts but try to solve questions up-to medium level. Non- Verbal reasoning, The questions based on finding missing figures, mirror image or water image of certain objects. क्रिया से भाववाचक संज्ञा बनाना.  रचना एवं रचयिता इत्यादि. Reading Comprehension, The reading passage may come from recently published articles. Therefore keep in touch with good quality news articles. Indian Polity:- Indian constitution and important articles, amendments, Various important posts in Indian Political system, various parts of Indian administration, current affairs of last 6 months.
25 to 30 Mock Tests Mock Tests Mock Tests Mock Tests Mock Tests

While covering syllabus and taking mocks keep following things in mind:-

  • Don’t study topics in such a deep manner that you end up covering one topic in more than required time.
  • Try to link topics so that one can cover topics easily and in an efficient manner.
  • Take mock tests in the same manner as you will be facing in the exam i.e. online mode only.
  • The key to success is time management. The good candidates always prioritize their activities to achieve their aforesaid goals.
  • Do proper analysis of mock tests to know your weak areas and work hard on week areas to convert them into your strong are

You can also download SSC preparation app from Google Play Store to prepare for SSC GD Constable exam. It provides free study notes, quizzes, mock test, online practice set, question papers, & SSC test series.

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