Tips to Learn Difficult Words

Learning a new language comes across some hurdles in the form of certain difficult words which create the process more inaccessible. Mastery over a new language like English is very difficult and seems almost impossible. But if someone continues to practice it systematically there is nothing such impossibility. There are certain words that look very similar to others but do not mean the same meaning.

Then there are some words that are not spelled as they appear. The finest example is the word ‘colonel’. This does not follow the rule of spelling. It is so confusing and spelled out entirely differently. There are hundreds and thousands of words that originally do not belong to English but came from different languages and subsequently mingled with difficult words in the English language.


Following the language textbooks on certain topics starting from marketing to travels one can never learn the entirety of the language. It is like few words out of a vast book. So, one has to learn those few words which are used in day to the day bargaining process.


Reading is a very good and effective way of learning a language. However difficult it seems to be, if you continue reading even some funny books which you can enjoy, it would enhance your learning capabilities. First choose the book and then buy it according to your likings. After a few days, you will be surprised to see that those books are no longer foreigners to you.


While reading you will come across several words, the meaning of which you actually do not know. But in the context of reading the whole sentence, you will somehow understand the meaning of those words. Now, underline those words and try to learn them and use them correctly in different sentences. You will be amused to see the difference in you. So, understanding is very important in the course of studies.

Make new sentences:

Making sentences can help you a lot to understand a word better. You can use it in different forms of sentences. Change the tense of the word if it is a verb and use it differently. This will help you increase your vocabulary and retaining power. So by making successful sentences you will increase your knowledge on the subject.


You can talk to your friend who also wants to learn the language if you do not have an English speaking friend. So every single time you meet your friend, choose a different topic in the course of conversation. This would help enhance your speaking ability and you can exchange your thought process with your friend. Playing games like scrabble or jumble words will also help you to increase your creative power.

Remember the pronunciation:

Although it is not 100% way out to learn a language only by speaking or enhancing the power of writing abilities, vocabulary to a large extent plays a part in it. One of the very effective methods for learning a language is to listen to the languages several times. To learn a new vocabulary practice pronouncing it several times unless and until it becomes familiar to you. Sometimes spelling plays a spoilsport in correctly pronouncing a word. So forget spelling and only mind on its pronunciation. Repeat pronouncing several times so that it is recorded in your memory. Phonetic learning helps you remember the word perfectly.

Split the words:

Sometimes it is difficult to remember or learn a complex word. If you break it syllabically it would be easy to digest and even funny to know the word and remember. If you continue learning and memorizing without knowing the exact meaning of the word or words, in the near future you would possibly forget all the new words you have come across. So it is advisable when you are learning a new word, do know the meaning of the word and repeat it and try to write it appropriately in a sentence with this newfound word. This would enhance your capacity of retaining the new vocabulary.


Patience is the keyword which every student has to invest while learning a new process or journey. Learning is a new satisfying success and you will start enjoying every moment of it once you start knowing a new word.

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