Top Most Salary Paying Jobs And Careers In India

Students are very interested to know about details of high paying jobs. It is not only being present in India, but across world. A high salary paying job not only offers financial security, but also helps one to lead a luxurious life and good social status. Most of the well rewarding careers will also help one to earn respect from careers in society. Few of high paying jobs are explained in terms of both private and government are explained as follows,

Medical Professionals:

Doctors in India are earning well as India is most populated Country in world. As population grows, diseases grow. Ration of number of doctors to several patients is very low. It clearly defines that doctors in India get steady range of patients.

Merchant Navy Jobs:

Merchant shipping sector is always being as good salary packaging job. The main problem with merchant navy sector is, recruitment will be very tough. Officer level posts are highly salaried. Few of the highly salary paying posts are marine engineer, navigation officer, electro technical officer and captain.


The clarity of engineering jobs is mainly based on branch chosen by student. In case of students who graduate from institutes such as IITs, NITs will get best salary independent of branch.


Teachers are having important role in Nation. They are responsible to teach and train students. College lecturers are well paid. They are also well treatable and placing an important role in society.

Chartered Accountant:

Chartered accountants are highly welcomed in corporate houses. Some business houses even approach CA for audits and account related jobs.

Management Professionals:

People who have undergone business and management oriented courses and working under managerial and administrative roles are well known for management professionals. Some well known management courses are BBA, MBA and BMS.


Creative and skilled architects are always having greater vacancies. Some latest trends make them always busy. Planning and designing homes are their main responsibilities.


Research and development sector of Country is not properly set up. There are no enough qualified scientists to work at Government moment. As Government is highly focusing on R and D projects, career under this sector will be a pricey one. One is also able to show their growth and development of Nation.

 Aviation Careers:

It is home to number of highest salaried job. New private airline companies have arrived and it pulls greater demand on commercial pilots. The process to become a pilot may be expensive. High paying aviation industry jobs are always recommended. Airport manager, cabin crews are also rewarding one.

High Paying Government Jobs:

Civil service and administration related jobs like IAS, IRS, IFS and IPS are always said to be high salary paying jobs. Anyways, one should pass out difficult civil service examination. These jobs are playing greater role in Nation building. Public sector units like ONGC, BHEL, BEL, BPCL, CIL, GAIL, HEC, and HAL are all jobs in highest salary lists.

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