Assam TET Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2014

The candidates who can apply online application form for the Teacher Eligibility Test Assam 2014 can prepared their examination through the given syllabus accordingly. Eligible candidates can know more information from the details given below. There are two paper conducted by the department of secondary educational , Paper-I is compulsory for all the candidates and Paper-II can be filled by the candidate in the application form as per his/her choices. The paper-II will be have 3 options namely option A, B and C and applicant choose only one option and choice is to be mentioned in the application form.

Paper-I : This paper is common to all the candidates and consist of four parts described below.

  • Part-1 (Pedagogy) 20 Marks: Teaching learning process and pedagogy ,educational psychology and psychology of adolescences.
  • Part-2 (General English) 40 Marks: Determiners, Tense forms, Direct Indirect narration, Active and Passive Voice, Pairs of word , Appropriate prepositions, Auxiliaries- Primary and Modals and Vocabulary.
  • Part-3 (Basic Numerical) 20 Marks: Algebra, Geometry, Commercial arithmetic ( Banking and tax ), Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability and Mensuration.
  • Part-4 (Assam and its people) 20 Marks: History of Assam and Geography of Assam.Assam TET

Paper-II : This paper is prepare in 3 type namely option A, B and C as per their respective choice filled by the candidates in their application from.


  • Part-1 (Business Studies) 20 Marks: Principle of Management, Business Environment, Nature and significances of Environment, Objectives of Business, Forms of business organisations, Business service, International Business, Business Finance and consumer protection.
  • Part-2 (Accountancy) 30 Marks: Accounting not for profit organisation, Accounting for partnership, Reconstruction of partnership firm and Company Account & Financial Statements.
  • Part-3 (Salesmanship and Advertising) 20 marks: Sales Organisation, Selection of Salesman, Remuneration, preparation of advertisement, Appeal in advertising, Advertising of Agency and Clients and Market Research.
  • Part-4 (Banking) 15 Marks: Commercial Banking, Financial Markets, Non-Bank Financial institution, Negotiable Instruments, Meaning and Type of Financial Markets and Employment of Fund.
  • Part-5 (Insurance) 15 marks: General Insurance, Fire Insurance, Marine Insurance , Procedure of Claims and Miscellaneous insurance.

Option-B : ( Candidates can choose any two parts from this syllabus ) 100 Marks

  • Part-1 Physics ( 50 Marks )
  • Part-2 Chemistry ( 50 Marks )
  • Part-3 Mathematics ( 50 Marks )
  • Part-4 Biology ( 50 Marks )

Option-C :   General Studies and Current Affairs ( 100 Marks )

  • India’s freedom movement.
  • National Symbols.
  • Constitution of India: Basic Features, Important Articles and Important Amendments’.
  • Right Issues: Right to education, Right to food, Right to speak, and Right to information, Consumers right, Human Right and Women Right.
  • Economic Planning of India.
  • Physical and Economic Geographical of India.
  • Biodiversity and Climate Change.
  • National Institute of India and Information Technology and its applications.
  • Fairs, Festivals, Dance and Music of India.
  • International Institute and Major Tribes of North Eastern India.
  • Important current Events.

Exam Pattern of TET:

Sr. Topic Total Number of question Total Marks Total time
Paper-1 ( Common to all Candidates ) Pedagogy,General English, Basic Numerical and Assam and its people 100 ( MCQs ) 100 2 hours
Paper-II ( It have three option namely A, B & C ) Applicant can choose only one option and choice mention in the application form 100 ( MCQs ) 100 2 hours

Minimum Marks for Qualify :

The candidates must scores 60% marks to qualify the TET Examination. The number of candidates declared as TET Examination qualified would be a maximum of double the number of vacancies of Teachers and such candidates will be determined as per merit position. 5% marks relaxation will be given to the candidates belonging from SC/ST/OBC/MOBC/PWD and for disabled persons. The final selection is based on the merit list prepared on the basis of their marks obtained in 10th, 12th, Gradation and TET written examinations.

Important Links:

  • Website: Applicants can know more information about the admit cards/results and other additional information through the official website

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